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Owning a house or other property requires legal protection and many legal records – deed, mortgage, equity line of credit, insurance coverage, perhaps a living trust.  These assets may be the basis of our “estate” and Will planning, and accurate and accessible records with the latest legal professional expertise are MUSTs in any estate plan.

The Estate Documents Organizer has a location to record this vital information so that the records with various account holders, as well insurance companies, is just a phone call away.  There is also a suggested Safe Deposit Box List for document storage for original and official papers.

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Partial Sample Form:
NOTE:  The Estate Documents Organizer is an administrative, personal record-keeping resource and is suggestive and informational only for the many details involved in the management of the broad categories of personal, financial, legal and medical affairs.   In all particulars for laws, expert advice and services in any area covered, consult professionals.  The book, forms and suggested topics make no written or oral representations or warranties of any kind.
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