Investment records may include multiple accounts, investment houses, managers, varieties of funds and self-managed plans.  The many categories include: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, IRA, Roth IRA, pensions, 401K plans, annuities, properties, partnerships, etc.  From simple to complex, investment records with account numbers and beneficiary information need to be current and in personal files, as well as with financial advisors/brokers, whose names should be accessible to family.

The Estate Documents Organizer subject tabs are a way to sort and file information related to this important aspect of personal estate records, which will also serve to assist professionals in estate analysis and planning for the future. 

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Partial Sample Form:
NOTE:  The Estate Documents Organizer is an administrative, personal record-keeping resource and is suggestive and informational only for the many details involved in the management of the broad categories of personal, financial, legal and medical affairs.   In all particulars for laws, expert advice and services in any area covered, consult professionals.  The book, forms and suggested topics make no written or oral representations or warranties of any kind.
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