Family and Pets

Family information, with the addition of three to four living generations and extended families due to remarriage, partnerships and other arrangements, can become complicated.   Who can forget how dear pets are in any family life.  It is important to consider all these loved ones in any estate planning with list of names, relationships, care records and, perhaps most importantly, beneficiary records.  For example, in addition to a Will, the IRA account, the insurance policy and other financial accounts must have a beneficiary-designation forms on file with the bank, brokerage, or other custodian that holds the account – and a COPY IN YOUR RECORDS.

The Estate Documents Organizer is a comprehensive checklist for collecting these important documents and holding them in a location that is easily accessible.  It may take some time to get the records set up correctly, but there can be financial/tax consequences if the forms are missing or incomplete.

NOTE:  The Estate Documents Organizer is an administrative, personal record-keeping resource and is suggestive and informational only for the many details involved in the management of the broad categories of personal, financial, legal and medical affairs.   In all particulars for laws, expert advice and services in any area covered, consult professionals.  The book, forms and suggested topics make no written or oral representations or warranties of any kind.
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