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NOTE:  The Estate Documents Organizer is an administrative, personal record-keeping resource and is suggestive and informational only for the many details involved in the management of the broad categories of personal, financial, legal and medical affairs.   In all particulars for laws, expert advice and services in any area covered, consult professionals.  The book, forms and suggested topics make no written or oral representations or warranties of any kind.
Partial Sample Form:
Digital Assets

Digital Assets is the term that covers our “online,” electronic, computerized life, now becoming an integral part of our personal affairs.  It includes our many accounts, passwords, electronic financial records, all constituting an "on-line life” with records of accounts for business and employment, financial institutions, commercial accounts, medical records and various special interests in media, organizations, etc.

The Estate Documents Organizer provides a list to record the user and password information, as well as the security questions so that appointed persons will be able to manage and close accounts – and prevent loss of asset information.  With online income and expense records listed in the Notebook, financial obligations can be managed efficiently to save enormous research time and potential costs to reconstruct missing information. 

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