Estate Docs 101 Blog: News and Notes from the Notebook

Estate Docs 101 Blog: News and Notes from the Notebook

Women - CFOs for the Home - from NYT

by Julie Jones on 10/05/17

Here is an interesting view of the important role women play in home finances - see details:

And, following the emergencies created by recent natural disasters, I am reminded of the importance of emergency planning and information retrieval.  See the website for details - open the icons for a brief paragraph and partial sample form.  I am teaching again in Santa Rosa on October 19th, 6-8p, #84485 is class.

Donations for those in need are in many locations; I prefer - joining ex-presidents of the US in their support.

Wall St Journal's review of Equifax! plus phone numbers

by Julie Jones on 09/17/17

See   The details in the recent Wall St Journal article describe customers and  the Equifax hack.   Personally, I tried to access the company for help -- many calls, much time and no assistance to answer my questions... other friends had a similar experience.   Here are the phone numbers to place a security freeze:

Equifax - 800-349-9960; Experian - 888-397-3742; Trans U - 888-909-8872

Social Security - 800-772-1213


Floods, winds, fires, earthquakes and data hack - this week! phone #s

by Julie Jones on 09/08/17

IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS:   Equifax-800-349-9960; Experian-888-397-3742; TransUnion-888-909-8872; Social Security-800-772-1213

And now this - millions of records hacked at Equifax adding to all the other troubles facing the planet today - and especially the US.   All of these threats to life and/or property represent EMERGENCIES.   After 7 years of blogs, classes, and consulting on the subject of document planning and preparation for expected and unexpected situations, the magnitude of so many emergencies simultaneously occurring seemed beyond belief.   Yet, here we are facing multiple crises, the latest is the threat of identity theft.   As the LA Times article warns about the Equifax hack affecting millions, beware "of attempts to open new accounts, commit insurance fraud or steal tax refunds."   Watch  your digital life carefully in the coming days.  See article for details.  Teaching a class on document organization in Santa Rosa on Sept 28th at the Rec and Parks facility.  See: 



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