Estate Docs 101 Blog: News and Notes from the Notebook

Estate Docs 101 Blog: News and Notes from the Notebook

10 Questions -- BEFORE you retire; be prepared with answers

by Julie Jones on 04/10/17

CBS Marketwatch article on 4/10/17 asks serious questions about planning for retirement - financial matters, lifestyle choices and successful advance preparation.  These questions could be helpful in basic defining life goals and ways of implementation to find security, purpose and satisfaction.


The Estate Guessing Game - parents and children "talk"

by Julie Jones on 03/28/17

A CBS Marketwatch link describes in detail the many issues facing parents and children/heirs who try to "talk" end-of-life and inheritance matters.   Without clear communication, people are playing "Estate Monoply," as noone knows what the next or right move could be without estate planning and clarity.   That is the purpose of the Estate Documents Organizer A-Z Records Book - the framework for gathering information, professional assistance and a resource to be able to answer questions before and after life transitions -- a tool for communication.   Open the icons on the website for more detailed information about the purpose and sample of the tabbed sections.   See the CBS article:

More on TAXES - How to Pay Less in Retirement - AARP

by Julie Jones on 03/13/17

In the recent AARP column, "Your Money," there is a guideline to help explain the complicated rules, fewer deductions and other retirement money tax subjects where knowledge and advance preparation may provide some easier and cost saving steps.   Check out the details soon, as April 15th is just a month away.

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