Estate Docs 101 Blog: News and Notes from the Notebook

Estate Docs 101 Blog: News and Notes from the Notebook

Floods - Emergency Evacuations - Oroville, CA dam

by Julie Jones on 02/14/17

188,000 people affected by dam overflow - Oroville, Marysville, Yuba City.  Hard to imagine so many people affected by evacuation orders on short notice - families, pets, possessions - what to take, where to go, who to call, when to return.   Definitely a "grab-and-go" moment.   Yet another reminder to have essential documents like birth certificates, home ownership papers, insurance coverage, etc. ready to leave with you.   My grandmother's home, a historical designation designed by Julia Morgan and located in Yuba City along a canal, might be affected and reminded me again of being prepared for life's expected and unexpected moments.    See the Washington Post article for complete details.


New Year - POA (Power of Attorney) for every adult

by Julie Jones on 01/25/17

As 2017 begins, CBS Marketwatch on January 25th published a very good overview about having the Power of Attorney document prepared -- just in case -- and it can save money, as well as time and stress.   See the article for all the details that help you set and implement the goal of getting personal papers in order.

Student Loan Crisis - for OLD and YOUNG - new figures

by Julie Jones on 01/18/17

Recently, statistics have been in the headlines about the elder population being saddled with student loan obligations - and the crisis they are facing as their incomes are reduced in their 60's.   It is truly time to put financial affairs in order - making an accurate account of all income and outflow of funds and reduce outstanding indebtedness.  Fortunately, there is help to address the student loan situation from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) as it presently exists.  See the article from CBS Marketwatch for details and tips on getting organized and getting help to start the new year of 2017.

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