Estate Docs 101 Blog: News and Notes from the Notebook

Estate Docs 101 Blog: News and Notes from the Notebook

"Entitlemania" -- thoughts on inheritances, precautions

by Julie Jones on 06/14/17

Just today, CBS Marketwatch published a great article on the many considerations to be made in estate planning and how to treat heirs.  It notes Gates and Buffett are planning to provide minimal amounts to heirs and maximum amounts to charities.  However, the numbers are large and their children will probably still have "a fortune."   In my case, I was always grateful for my father's planning and receiving a small inheritance and I want to carry that tradition forward.   Everyone has different circumstances.   See the full article for some helpful ideas:


Ransomware, malware - protect your identity and devices - AARP

by Julie Jones on 05/23/17

"Frauds, Scams, Rip-offs" is the title of the AARP Bulletin article in the April, 2017 issue, which notes that in 2016 data breaches reached an all-time high.  To review the variety of scam practices and protective resources, see the complete article.   To report a scam, call the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) at 844-574-3577 and see   The complete Bulletin article is at

Robo financial advisors - digital advice platforms

by Julie Jones on 05/10/17

Recent news has reviewed the status of digital disruption in the financial advice world.   Here are some observations about how the industry has and is being affected - and the impact on clients and their heirs as investment assets are passed on.  Technology is making an impact in all areas of our lives and the wise investor and estate planner keeps abreast of important changes.   See CBS Marketwatch article for details -

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