Estate Docs 101 Blog: News and Notes from the Notebook

Estate Docs 101 Blog: News and Notes from the Notebook

More on TAXES - How to Pay Less in Retirement - AARP

by Julie Jones on 03/13/17

In the recent AARP column, "Your Money," there is a guideline to help explain the complicated rules, fewer deductions and other retirement money tax subjects where knowledge and advance preparation may provide some easier and cost saving steps.   Check out the details soon, as April 15th is just a month away.

TAXING TIMES - Tips for organizing; 6 weeks to go

by Julie Jones on 02/27/17

In conjunction with document organization, having a master-plan for collecting tax records can save time and money.  Throughout the year, I drop tax related materials into file folders so it will be easy to calculate totals and/or send to the CPA.  Here is a list of the folders and sub-folders:

PERSONAL DATA:  personal and family Social Security numbers; professional contacts.

INCOME:  employer or business net (deducting office expenses, taxes, promotion, etc.)     Social Security, state tax refunds

EXPENSES: charity, education, medical/insurance, professional, alimony

PROPERTY DATA:  mortgage totals and interest paid; property taxes

INVESTMENTS:  interest; dividend income; IRA RMD (required minimum distributions)

LOANS:  auto loans and student loans

MISC RECORDS: moving expense, purchase or sale of property, childcare, etc.

IRS phone is 800-829-8374 or for more information

Floods - Emergency Evacuations - Oroville, CA dam

by Julie Jones on 02/14/17

188,000 people affected by dam overflow - Oroville, Marysville, Yuba City.  Hard to imagine so many people affected by evacuation orders on short notice - families, pets, possessions - what to take, where to go, who to call, when to return.   Definitely a "grab-and-go" moment.   Yet another reminder to have essential documents like birth certificates, home ownership papers, insurance coverage, etc. ready to leave with you.   My grandmother's home, a historical designation designed by Julia Morgan and located in Yuba City along a canal, might be affected and reminded me again of being prepared for life's expected and unexpected moments.    See the Washington Post article for complete details.


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